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A deadly potato famine sparked a massive Exodus

A deadly potato famine sparked a massive exodus of the Irish people who moved to America The Irish were already impoverished before the famine but the famine destroyed all hope for the Irish people Housing conditions food and overall living status was extremely poor in most of Ireland Several people struggled with starvation and many died because of disease Everyone in Ireland was competing for land because the main way to make money was to grow potatoes Ireland was undeveloped and not industrialized With no employment available due to failing industries the Irish trapped themselves into relying heavily on potato farming Most of the Irish people depended on potatoes as the main part of their diet When the blight struck the blight resulted in disastrous effects in the Irish lifestyle More than one million people died as a result of the potato famine Motivated by desperation to survive thousands of Irish turned to America as a new hope for life After a potato famine struck Ireland the poor and disease ridden Irish seeked refuge in America A severe overpopulation and a plant disease destroyed most of the potato crop a crop that the Irish depended on 

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