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Great technical advance the Space Race

In 1957 the United States and the Soviet Union entered what would become a great technical advance the Space Race This was a race to prove what country had the best science economic system and technology From the first satellite called Sputnik being launched by the Soviet Union to the US sending Neil Armstrong to space the first man ever to walk on the moon new accomplishments were being made Armstrong even said himself this was one small step for a man one giant leap for mankind The world of science was growing with knowledge This is because certain matters were allowing it too Without the dedicated research money put forth in support of the cause and the desire of the U S and other countries to discover more of the mysteries in space space exploration would not be where it is today Space exploration has led to many advances of the humane race making it a vital use of people's time money and knowledge but has also brought up several issues on the continuation of it America acts as a powerful individual being naive to the fact that there is power in numbers 

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