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Europe is arguably the most historically influential Continent

Europe is arguably the most historically influential continent despite being the second smallest continent on the planet Europe's geographical features including the Great European Plain and extreme accessibility to waterways made it an optimal place for settlement farming trade and development Europe is a peninsula made up of other peninsulas which include the Iberian Balkan Italian Scandinavian and Jutland peninsulas Europe is surrounded by multiple access points by water including the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and the Mediterranean Black and Caspian seas The continent s boundaries extend from Iceland to Portugal in the west to the Ural Mountains in Russia to the East and from the chilly arctic waters up north by Norway Sweden and Finland to the warm southern Mediterranean waters by Spain Italy and Greece Europe's mild climate and natural resources of iron ore and coal helped Europe develop into an industrial powerhouse up until the 20th century Europe's international prowess with economic social and cultural influence eventually led to conflict in this hot zone Europe was the setting for two of the most devastating wars in the history of the world World War I and II These wars were the result of constant conflict over resources territories access to waterways and power and notoriety After these bloody disputes attempts for peace were made but as the story goes what is best for governance is not always what is best for the governed Post World War II Europe saw a high influx of migrants and refugees that was being bolstered by the high rates of employment opportunities 

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