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Roles and responsibilities of the judiciary in the English Legal System

What are the roles and responsibilities of the judiciary in the English Legal System The definition of judiciary is the section of the government s country which is under obligation for its legal system in conjunction with all the judges in the country's court In the United Kingdom the judiciary are a group of people who apply the law to the facts of the cases before them This essay will outline the purposes and positions of the judiciary in the English Legal System Furthermore it will then consider the responsibilities of the judiciary Independence of judiciary is a significant responsibility to ensure justice is fair however to also make sure its not influenced by any improper purposes This is achieved by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 now hereafter referred to as the CRA 2005 attempting to encapsulate the protection of judicial independence with factors such as securing independence salary tenure financial issues political issues and judicial immunity Moreover

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What is the significance of the need for affiliation in your life?

Assignment 3 Question 1 1 What is the significance of need for affiliation in your life Discuss keeping in view all your relationships It is rightly said that human being is a social animal Need for affiliation means that a person wants relation in his life Being a human and belonging to gender female I considered need for affiliation an important motivational factor associated with psychological makeup In my point of view friends siblings and other relationships are very important because an isolated life cannot be spent by a normal human being So far as the state of isolation is concerned it take place due to sadness but it stays for short time and one move once gain to the relations Being a part of family having friends and social life I concluded that a person can stay lonely only in case of death otherwise surrounded by human society a person always seeks company i e someone to talk with Though I am talkative but still I have desire to stay alone as I do not like too much gathering On the other hand when I am surrounded by individuals I give sincere attention to them I believe need for affiliation is satisfied on apparent level as there are more selfish than sincere people Hence the need exist in all normal individuals 2 How important is it for you to gain power in life Do you want to practice it on others Power is a need that is seeks by all individuals Once I read power corrupt man and absolute power corrupt absolutely after reading the quotation my point of view about power changed Each human do have a desire to gain power or have a desire to increase his existing powers but practicing it in a wrong way is disgusting 

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