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The London based firm of A F Pears painted a Picture

Did you know that you can find bubbles in a lot of other liquids beside detergent The London based firm of A F Pears painted a picture of a child playing with a bubble in 1886 The Chicago company Chemtoy than began selling bubble solution in the 1940 s I have been wanting to do this science fair project since the beginning of summer One day I was outside playing with bubbles when I wondered if anything could be added to a bubble solution to make the bubble thicker so it would last longer I then knew that I could do a science project on it in 7th grade My overall question is how does corn syrup or glycerin affect your bubble solution compared to bubble solution you can buy How does glycerin work with bubbles Glycerin makes the bubble solution thicker The thicker outer skin of a bubble with glycerin keeps the water from evaporating as quickly so the bubbles last longer Glycerin also makes the bubbles stronger so the bubbles will be bigger A bubble pops when the water that is trapped between the layers of soap evaporates When you try to make a bubble with regular water you will figure it out that it does not work very well This is because the surface tension of water is too high Adding detergent to the water lowers the surface tension creating better bubbles Adding glycerin to your bubble solution can help it in two ways One way is that the glycerin increase the lifetime of a bubble The other way is that it makes the bubbles more flexible Adding glycerin to your bubble solution will reduce the number of water molecules at the surface Therefore the evaporation takes slower because the bubble solution has glycerin in it 

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