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Norms which are applied in order to influence other actors Behavior

Stemming from these definitions the normative power concept can be described as the power of norms which are applied in order to influence other actors behavior The EU is not the first normative power described and the concept can be observed in the practices of states like the US or Russia for example The discussion of the historical aspect of the normative power exists at the conceptual level and in the external policy of other influential states the difference being the mechanisms of implementation The characteristic aspect of the EU that distinguishes it from other state powers is that through the Normative Power Europe the EU puts emphasis on the values of liberty democracy human rights and the rule of law The main difference observed is that the EU is concerned to represent the image of a peaceful Europe and it is more focused on regional and less on global aspirations with an emphasis on different and not only military means of influence and a lack of missionary spirit in comparison with the US National Security Strategy When we compare the EU with Russia in terms of normativity there is a different approach in both cases 

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