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Present Continuous actions in progress at the time of Speaking

Class level PreInterediate Language point Present Continuous actions in progress at the time of speaking Teaching aids Worksheets flashcards board markers pen pencils Learner objectives To talk about actions in progress a the time of speaking using the present continuous tense Personal aims To improve my instructions by demonstrating rather than just giving verbal directions Anticipated problems for students Confusion and or difficulty conjugating verbs into present continuous tense and having trouble with different forms and patterns Solution Give clear concise written and verbal examples of verb conjugations make sure you have multiple examples for every type of form and pattern of the present continuous tense Affirmative subject aux verb be verb ing Jane is wearing a red coat Negative subject aux verb be not verb ing Jane is not wearing a red coat Question aux verb be subject verb ing Is Jane wearing a red coat Anticipated problems for teacher Student reluctance to participate Solution Fun student paired exercises Procedure Phase Timing Interaction Open class discussion ask students what is happening in class Write students answers on the board e g we are learning

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