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The fundamental reason behind language change

The fundamental reason behind language change is social and political pressures English language has changed in many ways over the years Linguists and English authors have studied language change and written several articles on the topic In the readings 150th Anniversary 1851 2001 So Here s what s happening to Language by Jack Rosenthal and After Donald Trump Said It How News Outlets Handled It by Michael Grynbaum similar viewpoints are expressed towards language change Therefore this paper provides an analysis of the relationship between these two documents and shows how the ideas made in one document are relevant to the other The paper also provides a description of the connection between the two texts and highlights on the limitations that may exist when applying the arguments of one author to the ideas of the other The two texts connect in their discussion on matters of vulgarities that spoken word raises Rosenthal and Grynbaum note that the change in language is even affecting the speech of our leaders

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