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I Am applying to the University of Dayton

I Am applying to the University of Dayton for admission to the Master's program in Computer Science Artificial Intelligence AI Computer Networks and Data Science are especially my areas of interest and research My objective is to pursue my higher education and also a research career in a challenging environment which would let me gain strong roots in the field of computer science During my childhood I remember my parents always saying education is your greatest asset They extraordinarily focused on my education and career and joined me in the Rainbow Concept School which is one of the best schools in our city Mathematics and Science are the two subjects that fascinated me since my childhood I have always had an excellent academic record I secured 9 7 GPA including a 10 GPA in both Mathematics and Science and was the topper of high school Later I received an accolade for my academic excellence in 2013 in School Annual Day Celebrations Computer was first introduced to me in my 6th grade where I learned basic operations of computer and I had fun drawing in windows paint program Computer also helped me in solving basic math problems In addition I participated in several competitions extracurricular activities and won prizes I always maintained a consistent balance between academic and co curricular record 

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The Constitution of the United States an intellectual Creation

The Constitution of the United States an intellectual creation of some of the greatest leaders of this country in the aftermath of the War of Independence of the colonies has guaranteed the rights and liberties of Americans since it came into force on June 21 1788 The document has also been a source of inspiration for patriots from all latitudes that want to establish a wise and just government The constitution contains the fundamental laws of the nation It establishes the form of national government and defines the rights and freedoms of the American people It also sets out the objectives of the national government and the methods to achieve them Before it the leaders of the nation had entered into an alliance between the states under the Articles of Confederation However the Congress created by the Articles lacked the authority to make the states work together in the resolution of national problems

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