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Topic Improving the Conditions and Efficiency of Refugee Camps

Committee Social Cultural and Humanitarian SOCHUM Topic Improving the Conditions and Efficiency of Refugee Camps Country The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The growing issues of the Syrian Civil War inflictions with the Islamic State and other rebel groups has led to a growing number of Syrian civilians fleeing their country and entering the bordering countries of Turkey Lebanon Israel Iraq and Jordan as well as countless others The root of this problem lies with the political unrest of Syria caused mostly due to the leadership of the Assad family Assad leadership has failed to uphold several promises previously made thus there is severe civil unrest within the country The Islamic State noticed this and has joined with the rebel groups in trying to overthrow the Assad family in government Saudi Arabia is home to twenty eight and a half million people of which thirty seven percent are immigrants according to UN data The Saudi government states that the country has taken in about two and a half million refugees since the Syrian conflict began according to the Saudi Press Agency Saudi Arabia views Syrian refugees not as refugees but as Arab brothers and sisters in distress 

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