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Schizophrenia PSZ is a mental Disorder

Insert Paper Title Here Schizophrenia PSZ is a mental disorder that affects people with their daily activities Green Kern Heaton 2004 and is associated with deficits in attention Bleuler 1911 Nuechterlein Dawson 1984 Although there are Attention consists of spatial attention and feature based attention subdivisions Spatial attention involves directing attention to a location in a place It mainly allows selectively process visual information through prioritizing of an area Feature based attention involves directing attention to a specific stimulus feature avoiding distraction There are some things that the recent study revealed First unlike healthy control subjects attentional dysfunction in PSZ shows extreme processing of information in a small subset This is the cause of abnormal eye movement reaction times and event related potentials e g Gray et al 2014 Hahn et al 2012 Leonard Kaiser et al 2013 Luck et al 2014 Second when people with PSZ are informed about a location in advance their behavioral benefits increase Bustillo et al 1997 Gold et al 1992 Hahn et al 2012 Liotti Dazzi Umilta 1993 Sapir Henik Dobrusin Hochman 2001 Spencer et al 2011 Third in Useful Field of View UFOV task it was revealed that people with PSZ usually fails to span spatial attention UFOV task requires simultaneous processing at fixation and in the periphery Elahipanah Christensen Reingold 2010 2011 Gray et al 2014 Hahn et al 2012 

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