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Plants and crops have been around for a long Time

Plants and crops have been around for a long time For millions of years organisms have seeking nutrition from plants There are three main ways that mammals and animals seek nourishment Carnivores which only eat meat Herbivores which only eat plants and Omnivores which eat both In a growing world with over 7 billion people plants are very important They provide oxygen resources and many forms of food But to provide this for an ever growing population fertilizers are needed The world population is increasing every day According to The Story of Fertilizers 2017 October 20 Retrieved January 09 2018 from http www fertilizerseurope com get to know us the story of fertilizers The FAO predicts that the world s population will reach 9 1 billion people by 2050 Food production will have to increase by some 70 above today's levels to keep pace with demand This increase in food production could be achieved by developing more land for agriculture However the negative impact on climate change and global biodiversity of converting natural forests or other wild habitats is well documented 

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Scientist come up with different types of personality Theories

Abstract Scientist come up with different types of personality theories to understand a person's Behavior Consequently they used psychoanalysis humanistic neo Freudians traits and social Cognitive perspective I will be concentrating only some theories for example trait perspective Surface vs source traits and the five factor theory best well known as openness Conscientiousness extraversion agreeableness and neuroticism All of these contribute to the Differences between individuals and their traits because of their genetic differences These Theories are sometimes referred to as psychometric theories Personality 3 Introduction Usually when we talk about someone's personality we are talking about what makes that Person different from other people perhaps even unique person different from other people Perhaps even unique but personality has an even deeper definition Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking feeling and Behaving The study of personality focuses on two specific areas which is sociability knows as The quality of being social And irritability also known as short temper Personality can also be Defined as the set of habitual behaviors cognitions and emotional patterns that evolve from Biological and environmental factors or Trait based personality theories for example those Defined by Raymond Cattell defined personality as the traits that predict a person's behavior

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