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America faces numerous threats from both State and Non State actors North Kore

The United States of America faces numerous threats from both State and Non State actors North Korea continues to pose a major threat to global security and the United States Experts have warned that if North Korea continues to further its weapons program at the rate it achieved this year 2018 will likely see the test of a missile loaded with a live nuclear weapon Shea Cotton a research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies told The Washington Post that the device which he called the Juche bird will probably be tested over the Pacific Ocean The test of a nuclear device by North Korea may be considered an act of war by the United States The United States National Military Strategy 2015 NMS 2015 provides a plan and framework to address this type of threat 

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Water quality can be defined as the biological Chemical

Water quality can be defined as the biological chemical and radiological characteristics of water bodies as the measure of quality of water to test the water s condition relative to the needs of one or more biotic species human beings animals plants and other living things Assessment of water quality is the most frequently and commonly used and is related to ecosystem health safety for human contact and consumption The categories of water quality parameters are determined by the needs which water is treated for mostly for human daily usage and consumption industrial usage or in the environment Besides assessment of water quality provides the baseline or basic information on the safety of the ambient water body Wikipedia The water quality of freshwater bodies is assessed in multiple ways based on physical chemical and biological processes Physicochemical assessment of water quality includes both physical and chemical assessment of in situ water by analysing using multiprobe instrument to take simultaneously reading of various water parameters temperature conductivity dissolved oxygen pH depth salinity and turbidity and nutrient analysis which measures the concentration of nutrient content nitrate nitrite phosphate and sulphate contained in the water of the sampling location

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