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Thematic Essay Transformation of Huck Finn

Huck Finn Thematic Essay Transformation of Huck Finn People rarely change When they do others take note Huckleberry Finn didn t appear to show much promise of changing His opinions especially towards African Americans were deformed by the southern society where he grew up Widow Douglass Miss Watson and his father Pap all had tried to sivilize and change him yet their attempts all ended up unsuccessful However by the end of the novel Huck was transformed to a boy with self reliance independence and notion of right and wrong and love towards humanity And it was all done by an African American slave named Jim who was viewed not even as a person at his time but a possession Huck first emerged into the novel as a punk boy with an empty heart His guardians Miss Watson and Widow Douglass all had tried to educate Huck by sending him to school and taught him manners Huck was rebellious and desired freedom He looked up to his childhood friend Tom Sawyer who was just as mischievous as himself and they decided to be part of a gang By rules of the gang every member must murder their family members if he broke one of the rules of the gang Huck was an orphan and he didn t have a family to kill yet he offered to sacrifice Miss Watson just to be part of a nonexistent gang 

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