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Explaining the elements of the marketing Process

Explaining the elements of the marketing process Marketing is often seen as a process that creates delivers and communicates not just the product on offer but also the brands value to the consumers The use of advertising branding and pricing should be part of the marketing process Other important elements play a dynamic role in the overall success of the marketing process In order to launch a product onto a new market an organisation should carry out a SWOT analysis Through this they can evaluate the needs of prospective customers along with their preferences and the opportunities available to them in the region They can also see what threats they have in the area regarding competitors government obstacles such as local laws and also any negative impacts on the environment they may cause with their product Once an organisation has obtained all the data relevant to their market position and their strengths and weaknesses the next step in the marketing process is to plan an effective strategy This plan will illustrate the vision mission and objectives of the business and describe how it wants to operate in the market This should include financial sales and production objectives After completing this phase the organisation needs to plan its long term goals for the company Explaining the different elements of the marketing mix An effective marketing mix should at least contain 4 basic elements that are often referred to as the 4p s Lamb et al 2011 defines this as a unique blend of product place distribution promotion and pricing strategies These marketing elements each have a significant role to play in order to promote the product or the service from its conception until its distribution to existing or potential customers 

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