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The Wars provides a meaningful story

The Wars provides a meaningful story that causes the readers to reflect on the similar symbols in their lives There are many war themed novels however few are as captivating and capable of showing the destructiveness of war as well as Timothy Findley s novel Findley makes his novel effective by using various symbols that provide a graphic reading experience some of which emphasize Robert s connection with nature his past and his experiences during the war One of these is animal symbolism which is extensively used throughout the novel Findley uses animal imagery to reveal certain aspects of each character The author also approaches the four elements of earth water fire and air for a deeper representation of the atrocities and misery that a soldier must face during war Findley allows us to explore the different elements as symbols such as the perspectives of Devlin and Levitt on the stained glass and Poole s trumpet It is through these symbols that we are able to address the issues of ethics guilt and the past but mainly the destructiveness that it leaves behind The animal symbolism in the novel is used to develop characterization and theme Several characters share this close bond with the animals that serve to emphasize the different qualities of each character's personality

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