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The continental drift demonstrated how continents Shift Positions

The continental drift demonstrated how continents shift positions on the earth's surface It was discovered and developed in the early 20th century The continents are combined to form a single supercontinent In addition the continents lay on slabs of rocks called tectonic plates The term plate is referred as large rigid blocks of an earth surface that moves together The theory of plate tectonics is the Earth's outer shell divided into several different plates that make a smooth continuous movement over the mantle All plates always remain moving interacting Even today the continental drift is still moving worldwide Evidence for and arguments against this theory Some arguments that were against the theory of continental drift was the lack of speaking on the theory of mechanism and how it works Scientists did not accept Wegener's theory of continental drift 

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First African American to win the Gold Medal

Gabby Douglas the 2012 Summer Olympics in London became the first African American to win the gold medal as individual all around champion when was only 16 years old She has also took home the gold medal for team USA in the team event That was her first American to win both However Gabby had to go through a lot go opticals to get to the point she is now Biography Gabriella Douglas was born in December 31 1995 She was born in Virginia Beach Virginia Douglas has 3 siblings Two sisters and one brother her parents names were Timothy and Natalie Arielle Her siblings were Jonathan Arielle and Joyelle Douglas Her sister Arielle a gymnastic and a competitive cheerleader She wanted teach Douglas the fun sport that she loved Douglas immediately picked up on everything that she was taught She even taught her self how to do the one handed cartwheel She began formal training when she was 6 and won a state champion when only 8 years old Gabby Douglas In 2010 Douglas moved away from her hometown and her family to pursue her training with the US Olympic Women's Gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics During that time she became the first individual all around African American to win gold The she also won the team Gold Medals at 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics Games In 2010 Douglas helped USA win a gold and more years the 2011 and the 2015 World Champions She placed first in the Olympic Trials Douglas had the highest all around score at 2012 American Cup However Douglas s scores did not count because she was competing as an alternate athlete so the scores did not count Gabby Douglas

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