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Method which is used mainly in testing theoretical Models

A case study is a method which is used mainly in testing theoretical models that are used in situations in the real world It is used in narrowing down a wide research field into a general researchable topic The discussion below is used to describe the context of the case study its design its purpose and its methodology In today's life there is an existence of a controversial approach of a case study in the collection of data which are recognized widely in most of the social sciences It has a lot of roles in research on issues to deal with sociology education problems based on the community for example increase in unemployment and high rate of poverty illiteracy and drug addiction A case study was recognized as one of the research methods which most of the researchers became more concerned on is the disadvantages of other quantitative methods both in explanation of depths and in the holistic provision of behavioral and social problems Baxter Jack 2008 It is through the case study that the researcher can understand all behavioral conditions and to go beyond quantitative results of statistics

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