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I have always believed that success is achieving the Goal

I have always believed that success is achieving the goal with the right ability and within the estimated period of time so that to move on to another goal Considering that my undergraduate programme is going to end shortly this is the crucial stage of my life where I should make the right decision and move in right direction which leads me to the prime goal of my life which is to pursue Graduate programme in a renowned institution like yours to refine my skills and knowledge In my secondary and higher secondary education I have shown ardent interest in physics and mathematics which empowered my analytical and quantitative knowledge and that helped me in acquiring 86 and 91 in secondary and higher secondary examinations which made it easy to pursue my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer This competitive spirit drove me to achieve success in academics Realising my love and fascination towards science and technology I took up Mechanical Engineering as my undergraduate program in Valliammai Engineering College I strongly believe engineering is vast and boundless with an ocean of opportunities The undergraduate curriculum exposed me to myriad aspects and diverse sectors relating to mechanical engineering 

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