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Presidential demeanor as a current Government Issue

Presidential Demeanor For my topic I chose Presidential demeanor as a current Government Issue and event Some may not consider this an actual event but I feel it has been at the forefront of many current debates and issues affecting our nation and I think its overall effect will have a lasting impression on both the presidency and the Nation as a whole I will look at how perceived negative demeanor effects a President's ability to lead and how the world responds to a sitting US Presidents demeanor as well as look at the relationship between demeanor and responsibility Finally I will talk look at the effect the media has on demeanor and fake News or biased reporting s effect on the public's perception of demeanor I currently work in an environment that is in the initial stages of political correctness deterioration I use the term political correctness deterioration to reference a situation in which people are more concerned about political correctness and the feelings of others then telling the truth speaking their mind or full disclosure This is not always a problem but it is when it interferes with the organization's overall mission and effectiveness 

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