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The stereotypical teenager is out having fun enjoying Life

The stereotypical teenager is out having fun enjoying life and maybe being a little rebellious However as times have changed the stereotypical teen is no longer predominantly seen by adults as the typical teen The typical teen now spends most of if not all of their time at home doing homework either desperately trying to complete their assignments or catching up on assignments they have not had time to complete This societal change can be correlated to the amount of homework teens are given and whether or not it is healthy Because excessive amounts of daily homework causes excessive stress it is therefore detrimental to teenagers health since an abundant amount of stress can lead to mental health issues Although many adults believe that teenage stress is the effect of excessive use of social media studies show that teenagers only spend about half of their day online On average a teen spends 9 hours a day on social media including music Tsukayama 1 This statistic includes the act of listening to music which contrary to causing stress may relieve it for some Scientific research has found that students who work while listening to music work for a longer period of time because it blocks out any environmental noise Smout 

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My name is Wen Yan I was the royal scribe of the Shang Dynasty

My name is Wen Yan I was the royal scribe of the Shang dynasty at the capital of Yin where I was taught the interpretation and analyzing of the oracle bones that we were used to contact with our ancestors to know about the time of rainfall and the livelihood of crops Moreover I participate with the rulers ceremonial and bureaucratic routines which relied on detailed written records to integrate our urban capital with tributary states Now I m using the writing skills that I learned from my ancestors to inform you about the fall of our dynasty as I m now captured by the emperor Wu Wang who is the son of the emperor Wen Wang who come up with the idea of getting rid of our dynasty

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