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General Motors had been around for about 101 years make cars

From what I know about General Motors is that had been around for about 101 years make cars In the 1970 and 1980 the company started having financial issues but not as bad as it was in 2007 General Motors was already billions in debt and when gases prices rise and the economy collapse kill the income When no bank would lend them they went to the government for a bailout rescue and at first they were denied because they had no business plan The second time General Motors can to the government again without a business plan this time they got billions in loan and 101 days to come up with a business plan When General Motors had a good enough plan for the government they got the bailout But with General Motors accepting the government bailout a lot of people lost their jobs dealerships and factory were shutdown If I were the CEO of General Motors I probably wouldn't have accepted the government bailout I don't have the heart to put hard working people out of work But by me doing this I would consider this a Personal Egoism decision because I’m only doing this so that I don't feel guilty about putting people out of work 

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Signal Based Reservation

Signal based reservation Reservation Reservation can be done in two ways signal based reservation and messages based reservation Signalling A node sends a signal to block ongoing transmissions such as CSMA or CD An operation is not vulnerable to the quality of channel because the does not decode the information It is useful for all topologies and can be used with MAC protocols Signal based reservation To lessen impact and convention overhead caused by message based reservation the T Lohi Tone Lohi 161 165 abuses proactive tone to hold the channel and bearer detecting to check the reservation result A hub wishing to transmit information initially sends a short tone and afterward tunes in to the channel for the span of a dispute round CR In the event that the hub does not catch some other tones toward the finish of the CR the reservation is viewed as effective and it can transmit else it backs off and tries again in a later CR Both synchronized T Lohi ST Lohi and unsynchronized T Lohi UT Lohi have been considered ST Lohi means to synchronize every CR by disseminating the reference time with the goal that each hub can know the limits of each casing and its reservation period Accordingly every hub can choose when to send a reservation tone and when to send its information to maintain a strategic distance from crash after it wins the conflict With UT

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