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North Korea first hinted at it s nuclear Testing

Around thirteen years ago North Korea first hinted at it s nuclear testing circulating 2005 and early 2006 During that time however no test ever came to fruition leaving suspicion as to what they planned on doing On October 9 2006 however the state claimed to have successfully conducted a test North Korea s claims put the world on edge and lately their actions have disturbed the world for quite a while now However the question now more than ever is up for debate Is North Korea really as dangerous as they claim Are they something to be feared Are they a threat to us and should we be taking them seriously Thankfully you have nothing to worry about and this is why Now I ll talk about their attempts to scare us with their nuclear weapons in just a moment I first want to cover their recent cyber attacks Firstly you may remember November 14th of 2014 Sony Pictures was hacked and much of its data was leaked online The workers at Sony were locked out of the computers by a screen with pictures a red skeleton and a ransom if they wanted to get their computers back 

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