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The Metamorphosis is a novel that has been analyzed many Times

The Metamorphosis is a novel that has been analyzed many times by an extensive amount of people People have analyzed it in a multitude of perspectives such as psychological sociological political philosophical psychoanalytical historical and many more Corngold Even though the novella has been analyzed in many different perspectives each perspective has agreed that the themes of guilt judgement retribution and alienation are contained in the core of the narrative Corngold The novella was written by a man named Franz Kafka and was published 1915 Silet Kafka's life has influenced majority of the plot of The Metamorphosis In The Metamorphosis Kafka uses a biographical approach to show the relationship between the main character of the novella Gregor Samsa and his own life Before delving into how Kafka uses a biographical approach in The Metamorphosis first a brief synopsis of Kafka's life should to be told Kafka was born on July 3 1883 in Prague This is the capital of what is now the Czech Republic Franz Kafka studied law at the University of Prague After his studies he worked in insurance and wrote in the evenings In 1923 he moved to Berlin to focus on writing but died of tuberculosis shortly after Robertson In his life Kafka had a very conflicted relationship with his family especially his father 

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