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Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart Novel Review

Self awareness is the conscious knowledge of oneself To be self aware is to be aware of and respond to one's feelings In Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe delineates Okonkwo's self awareness through the journey of resistance and change Okonkwo does become aware of the changes around him however he does not respond to the change and is not fully self aware Throughout the novel Okonkwo is continuously under fear Fear of being thought unworthy Fear of being dominated by failure and weakness 13 His fear derives from his childhood As a young person he was very conscious about how people perceived him He felt ashamed of his father and held higher expectations for himself He had the fear of resembling his father 14 His relationship with his father is what affects his perception and view of the world around him the most Okonkwo began farming and harvesting yams at a young age He had to support himself his mother and sisters 22 His father had not been able to feed himself or his family In Umuofia age was respected and achievement was revered 8 The admiration he received gave him a sense of respect and success Over time he began to distance himself from his father and felt more accomplished and accepted by the rest of the town Okonkwo had one utmost goal to become a revered member and to possess the most titles Okonkwo's actions cost him greatly many times He was aware of the killing of his adopted son Ikemefuna He was specifically told by the oracle to not take part in the sacrifice

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