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In meteorology a front is where two air masses Meet

Wirth Period 2 Cold Front In meteorology a front is where two air masses meet It is the basis of the study of weather The main four types of fronts are cold front warm front stationary front and occluded front When a mass of cold air enters an area of warm air it is called a cold front This weather phenomenon can have an impact on people and their surroundings A cold front is scientifically defined as the transition zone where a cold air mass is replacing a warmer air mass Cold fronts usually move from northwest to southeast and often follow warm fronts and squall lines which are a line of thunderstorms forming along or ahead of a cold front The air behind a cold front is noticeably colder and drier than the air ahead of it As the cold front passes through an area the temperature can drop more than fifteen degrees in the first hour of its presence Cold fronts form when a cooler air mass moves into an area of warmer air in the aftermath of a developing extratropical cyclone 

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