Essay Examples on Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

I have never believed in the thing called too good to be True

I have never believed in the thing called too good to be true My experiences don't allow me to do so It doesn t mean that all have been hunky dory in my life I have had my own share of grief anxiety and personal losses But in this gloomy potpourri there were some moments which were born with eternal fragrance I can still feel them in my nostrils In the sad and conditioned eyes of the world they pass the criterion to be named as too good to be true But not for me Simply because experiences are not possibilities They aren t unreliable promises and cold hypotheses They are the reality They are your personal truths far away from getting worried by their possible resemblance to the outside world A few years ago I went to a nearby hill station with my friends We wandered all the day and came back to our hotel in the night But being a hardcore nyctophile I wasn t able to sleep In a crystal clear silence I sat on the veranda alone as all my friends were sleeping Suddenly a group of three people came I realized that they were staying in the room which was adjacent to me 

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