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Employ of technology in education learning procedure

ABSTRACT The present paper focus on the employ of technology in education learning procedure that will really donate to assemble student requirements for learning anyplace anytime Addition of Information and communiqué Technologies ICT into instruction and education development is a rising pasture which has multiplicity of definitions according to special point of observation A especially familiar vision assert that the purpose of ICT processes should be accessible in an incorporated way as well as existing model require to be developed for the teachers in categorize for the incorporation procedure to get better students learning Based on the principle that the incorporation process should reinforce learning of students there is necessitate to present an incorporated point of view in the purpose of these processes and to build up some tangible examples for teachers Consequently the major idea of this study is to build up a representation assess the ICT incorporation procedure and serving to advance students learning This association among the use of skill and constructivist pedagogy implies constructivist minded teachers continue active student centered classrooms where technology is an influential knowledge tool Further specially this paper aim at identify the level of computer skills and information of primary school teachers in the education and learning procedure

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