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Relationship between an exoplanets radius and Position

Aim My aim is to investigate the relationship between an exoplanets radius and position to its host stars brightness What is an Exoplanet For a planet to class as an exoplanet it must follow certain criteria the criteria dictates that the mass of the planet must be equal to or less than 30 Jupiter masses the planet must orbit around a star it cannot be free floating extensive validation and follow up observations must be done to ensure that it is a true exoplanet To summarise an exoplanet is a planet which orbits a star other than our own sun In 2013 reports said that there could be up to 40 billion earth like sized exoplanets which lie within their own habitable goldilocks zones How can we detect Exoplanets There are several methods of detecting an exoplanet the most used and reliable are Radial Velocity Methods Transit Methods Radial Velocity Method This is where you look for changes in a star whether it is motion redshift blueshift or no shift When motion is detected in a star this is known as a wobble This occurs when the exoplanet orbits the star and the gravitational pull of the moving planet creates a wobble 

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