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Anglo Turkish encounters during the Crusades

This paper aims to give two examples of Anglo Turkish encounters during the Crusades and briefly touch upon their significance and their details The first encounter I am about to depict is about Crusaders encounter with Kilij Arslan and the second one is about Bayezid who gave me the inspiration for the title of this paper In the last part by the respect of my task the paper aims to demonstrate the views of an Anglo writer about Turkish women First we need to be sure that there is no certain evidence when was the very first encounter of the Anglos and Turks Therefore we assume that our first encounter with English was the Crusades In November 1095 Papa Clement in a preach stated that Jarusalem is sacred for the Christianity and should be taken from the Muslims back Pope's this request accepted by most of the Europe and Christianity world England was also the most powerful one that accepted Pope s request Robert Curthose as the brother of the Normandian king of England William II became the commander of the English soldiers and joined the 1st Crusades in 1096 He was a noble was not alone on this journey there were many nobles around him from all over the kingdom In July 1096 he and his army encountered with the Turks for the first time Seljuk Turks commander was Sultan Kilij Arslan Curthose in this encounter experienced the courage of the Turks for the very first time Kilij Arslan was known for his intelligence His brave army and Arslan s well organized tactical maneuvers led the Crusaders to an inevitable defeat Kilij Arslan in the end faced with the necessity of retreat since a vast number of Crusaders came to help of Curthose Even though Curthose was about to flee the history generally mentions about his brave stance against such an enemy with great battling skills

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