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In 1859 Charles Darwin's The Origins of Species was Introduced

In 1859 Charles Darwin's The Origins of Species was introduced to the world Consequently the study of life and where it came from has not been the same since For more than 150 years Darwin's work has been evolving into a powerful and multi faceted theory and has become the foundation for many modern sciences The basis of the evolutionary theory is that living organisms can change over time and thus produce new species from this variation resulting in all species sharing a common ancestor that long ago made the decision to crawl out of the primordial soup When discussing evolution it should be stressed that individual organisms don't evolve genetically the population that an organism belongs to can evolve as each generation contributes different traits to the proverbial pool The process of evolution can be explained through Darwin's three principles of evolution and the four processes of evolution Add to this the material evidence of evolution and one has reason enough to believe the theory fossil records clearly show that the process of evolution is no longer merely a philosophy The first of Darwin's three principles of evolution is variability meaning that no two individuals are identical in all respects Lavenda and Schultz 40 

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