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Visual Analysis.The definition of beautiful

Visual Analysis The definition of beautiful can vary person to person but not so much in the beauty industry In the beauty industry many companies promise to enhance their consumers aesthetic by presenting idealized images of what s considered most valued or beautiful More times than many the beauty industry fails to incorporate a fair representation of women including various sizes shapes and complexions Fueled by modern advertisers many women are fed insecurities by manipulative marketing tactics that psychologically takeover one s mindset Dove a personal care brand was recently tangled in controversy over their Visible Care body wash for its racist suggestions In the ad shows three women standing side by side in front of a wall split into before and after panels The women lined up become gradually lighter in skin tone from left to right To add on race changes as well starting with a black woman to the far left a Latino woman in the middle and a white woman on the right Since these women are placed under a before and after labeling the meaning behind this becomes very questionable The darker toned women standing under the label before can be seen as an unwanted skin tone compared to the lighter toned women standing under the label after as if white skin should be acquired 

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