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North Korea is viewed for obvious reasons as a threat to global welfare

North Korea is viewed for obvious reasons as a threat to global welfare Discussions about North Korea typically polarize around protecting other countries but protection of human rights for North Korean Citizens is not a highly prioritized subject Though most of the population an estimated 70 experiences severe food insecurity and another significant portion lacks daily access to clean water little is done to help these crisis-stricken people North Korea s national income ranks it as a third world country It is truly unfortunate that world leaders especially those affiliated with the United States cannot look past the looming threat of Kim Jong Uns despotic regime to help the suffering people trapped in North Korea This objective is both possible and morally pressing The UN has chartered a declaration of human rights that denounces and directly prohibits many of the inherent qualities of Uns regime In order to support ailing citizens of another country in following the council of the UN and in upholding its own interest in and for democracy and social liberty the United States ought to offer a bilateral trade agreement to North Korea 

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Top Gear is a British Television Series About Cars

I know my passion for cars will never end and I saw no better way of exploring this passion through a written task This written task is about a feature article on the television show Top Gear Top Gear is a British television series about cars and it has become the most widely watched television program in the world with approximately of 350 million views per week in 170 different counties The show is presented by famous iconic presenters Jeremy Clarkson James May Richard Hammond Jason Dawe Chris Evans with Matt LeBlanc These presenters are known for their repugnant behavior and their inappropriate use of language to various groups in the society which may cause harm to the people indirectly Due to their British Heritage they tend to discriminate various groups in the society with their personal judgment which may offend viewers Top Gear is the relaunched version of the original show in 1977 it has become a controversial show and gained many attentions in the British culture as the presenters of Top Gear can imitate and mock different genders and sexuality They often make comparisons using similes and metaphors to portray a certain stereotype

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