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Hook Genghis Khan a well known Mongol Leader

Hook Genghis Khan a well known Mongol leader from the steppes of Northwest China once stated All who surrender will be spared whoever does not surrender but opposes with struggle and dissentian shall be annihilated When in battle one of their battle tactics is to allow the enemy to surrender to them but if one is to reject the offer they will be destroyed Background information Refer to pages 294 296 Origins and Factors of Success Living as nomads the Mongols lived in tents known as yurts A khan or ruler would lead every small Mongol clan In the year 1167 a child soon to be known as the powerful Genghis Khan was born fatherless into a family living through poverty He grew into a man with the dream to later unite the Mongols under his rule By 1206 he accomplished his dream at the expense of brutally killing millions nearly 10 percent of the world population The Mongols quickly covered the largest area of land the world had seen and is known as the largest contiguous empire with its territory stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea Thesis Write a 3 point point thesis addressing whether the Mongols are more civilized or barbaric After researching the history of the Mongols many can conclude that the Mongols are shown to be civilized as they have strategic battle tactics strong religious tolerance and an organized and set law and order Body paragraph 

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