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Vestibular Rehabilitation in Diagnosis and Management of Horizontal Canal

Vestibular Rehabilitation in Diagnosis and Management of Horizontal Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in an Inpatient Setting A Single Case Study Santosh Krishnamoorthy Abstract Background and Purpose Vertigo a sensation of whirling or deceptive impression of spinning environment is a widespread problem in elderly patients Vertigo can be devastating and impede the person from being independent In this case report the effects of Lempert maneuver is described in a patient with horizontal canal BPPV Keywords Vestibular Rehabilitation Benign Paroxysmal positional vertigo case report horizontal canal Case Description The patient was a 84 year old Caucasian female who was waiting at the doctor's office with complaints of leg pain while she was waiting for the doctor she presented with sudden onset of vertigo Patient was sent to acute care hospital and diagnosed with acute ischemic stroke Patient presented to therapy with severe vertigo and was convinced by the neurologist that the vertigo was a resultant of the stroke However vestibular evaluation revealed geotropic horizontal nystagmus in bilateral supine positions with supine roll test stronger on the right side when the right side was lowermost indicating positive right horizontal canal canalolithiasis which was treated with Lempert maneuver Outcomes The patient's vertigo was resolved by 100 and restored independent transfers and ambulation Supine roll test was performed upon each follow up for two weeks however the patient did not present with vertigo Discussion This case report demonstrates successful treatment for horizontal canal BPPV by Lempert maneuver in inpatient setting

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