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Only a year back the European economies were Struggling

Only a year back the European economies were struggling in an attempt to develop lingering behind the US and UK Even in such a scenario many financial commentators were urging investors to look for the turnaround potential that Europe had and stating that good organizations were being overlooked because of fears regarding the political upheaval and negativity about the economy In the year 2016 around 100 billion was pulled from European equities and private investors start selling them in the first few months However the institutions started piling them back in The European markets started rallying strongly as the fear of win for the far right in countries like France and Netherlands proved to be unwarranted and the growth increased In the year following the UK referendum on the European Union membership European equities were amongst the best performing assets lagging just slightly behind Asia Pacific and the emerging market equities The two greatest European equity ETFs exchange traded funds showed gains of around 18 while the German small cap exchange traded fund was up more than 28 in 2017 Boosted by an increased trust in the EU small investors have started returning to Europe This trust and confidence in Europe is being driven by the German chancellor Angela Merkel along with Emmanuel Macron the president of France Strong gains were spurred for the FTSE 100 after the fall in sterling because of the EU referendum dominated by organizations with high overseas income 

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