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Today with the modern pace of life information Technology

Today with the modern pace of life information technology has increasingly developed and has created opportunities for everyone in the world to connect to a network through the internet especially social media Social media is a common term in the daily lives of each with a variety of features information resources allowing users to receive and share information quickly and efficiently Social media is a collection of individuals with one or more connected relationships For example Facebook has many favorite features including making friends find friends create groups share photos videos with ease have a variety of applications games and privacy settings For a variety of uses some people view Facebook as an integral part of their lives and their use has become a daily habit Although Facebook gradually become habits of entertainment for young people and student however the use of Facebook not only stop at the level of entertainment but also have a significant impact on the psychology lifestyle behavior and behavior of students in the relationship Social Media has implications for the lives of individuals and society Especially young people who are using social media every day Social media has changed the habits of many people lifestyles and cultures in a large segment of social media users especially Facebook are being used extensively in the United States Many students also use Facebook for learning and exchanging information 

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