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Beams And Their Applications

Beams And Their Applications Definition Beams are the structural member used for bearing loads It is typically used to resist vertical loads shear forces and bending moments Types of Beams Beams can be divided into many types depends on three main categories They are as follows 1 Based on geometry 1 Straight beam Beam with straight profile 2 Curved beam Beam with curved profile 3 Tapered beam Beam with tapered cross section 4 Based on the shape of cross section 1 I beam Beam with I cross section This beam types have I cross section as shown in figure It has high resistance of bending 2 T beam Beam with T cross section It has T cross section as shown in figure 3 C beam Beam with C cross section 2 Based on equilibrium conditions 1 Statically determinate beam For a statically determinate beam equilibrium conditions alone can be used to solve reactions A beam is called determinate beam if it can be analyze by the basic equilibrium condition The support reaction can be found by using basic equilibrium condition These conditions are Summation of all horizontal forces is zero Summation of all vertical forces is zero Summation of all moments is zero Example Simply supported beam Cantilever beam etc 2 Statically indeterminate beam For a statically indeterminate beam equilibrium conditions are not enough to solve reactions Additional deflections are needed to solve reactions If the beam cannot be analysis by using basic equilibrium condition known as statically indeterminate beam

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