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Clocks Such simple things that we come across every day

Clocks Such simple things that we come across every day Depending on our preferences and needs they can be of any kind a sundial or hourglass for the decor mechanical or digital ones for day to day use and atomic clocks for making precise calculations Whatever their form is the main purpose is to measure time Ticktock The second hand of the clock is moving forward inexorably It s not surprising is it The familiar sound the familiar passage of time Ticktock Before you know it the clock says it s two and a half minutes to midnight Only two and a half minutes till a nuclear catastrophe strikes Today s world is full of hazards It s the highly tense international situation and the quick development of nuclear weapons and the ever changing climate These factors together are reflected on the so called Doomsday Clock It may sound a bit mystical but trust me there s nothing supernatural about it Quite the contrary this Clock provides probably the most exact and realistic picture of the events taking place around the world Just as regular clocks it tells the time left till a particular event only in this case the event is a nuclear apocalypse symbolically reflected as midnight

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