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When it comes to commerce and Islam there were 3 main exchange routes

When it comes to commerce and Islam there were 3 main exchange routes which would help establish new muslim colonies and essentially pave the way for the spread of Islamic culture These 3 trade routes were called the Silk Roads which was exchange across eurasia Sea Roads which was exchange across the Indian ocean and Sand Roads or exchange across the Sahara Desert The first trade route The Silk Road was responsible for the trade of goods new cultures and diseases across regions such as China Southeast Asia and Arabia Goods such as spices incense and most importantly silk were traded on these routes The routes extended from East Asia through China Russia India the Middle East and all the way as far as Northern Africa This Silk trade era reached its strongest point when the travelers and merchants were protected by valid security systems when crossing into new territories However each country had its own desirable goods that made the trade routes form such vital relationships with neighboring regions Some of the products contributed by China were silk bamboo mirrors gunpowder paper rhubarb ginger lacquerware and chrysanthemums The goods being exported out of Siberian Forests and Central Asia were more agricultural such as furs walrus tusks amber livestock horses falcons hides copper vessels tents saddles and slaves The products India had to offer several valuables such as cotton textiles herbal medicine precious stones and spices 

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