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America still in its infancy in the late 18th Century

America still in its infancy in the late 18th century finally began to grow as a nation The Labor Movement emerged from the direct response to the rise of industrialization after the Second World War The labor movement is a broad and still going effort to organize workers into unions in order to gain collective strength in negotiations with employers about wages and working conditions This threat of work stoppage or striking gave workers a collective power to compel concessions from business owners The labor movement in the United States of America began to increase from the need to protect the common interest of all workers For those who worked in industries these labor unions fought for better wages reasonable hours and safer working conditions The labor movement made efforts to stop child labor give health benefits and provide help to workers who were injured Throughout history labor worker unions continue to struggle for equal opportunities treatment and fair wages sparking social criticism through films magazine articles and news soundbytes The film Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 depicts the start of how workers labor was becoming a huge conflict It was late in the afternoon on a beautiful spring Saturday March 25th 1911 4 40 p m 

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