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Nature is the main effect for Sexuality Crime and Intelligence

Nature is the main effect for Sexuality Crime and Intelligence is all based on nature biological makeup is what makes the person will become and helps determine what they ll act towards their Sexuality Criminal lifestyle A person s intelligence is all determined at birth and there s no way to change their genetics Nature is the main cause of weather if gonna be smart homosexual or hetrosexual or even criminal or not People are born in a environment which can also slightly affect their behavior but mainly its from their genetics Nurture isn t the main cause for these factors that make who they are Nature on the other hand is the main cause for these 3 topics Sexuality is one of the main topics that deals with nature vs nurture Very recently there have been many hotly debated topics have come under the studies of researchers trying to determine their causation and origins of someone sexuality One topic such as homosexuality Originally thought by the American Psychological Association to be a mental disorder research into its causes origins and development have consequently led to its removal by the APA from its list of diagnoses and disorders In debating sexual orientation much is unknown Biological theorists have found substantial instances of anatomical genetic and endocrine evidence to support their argument Studies in biological research date back as far as the late 1900 s 

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