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Emotionally focused family therapy and attachment based family therapy

Model theory or approach I have chosen to discuss emotionally focused family therapy and attachment based family therapy These two models help demonstrate how to help the families with children I have learned from the article that emotionally focused therapists have to be flexible and creative in engaging the family and be accessible and responsive across the family system Individuals looking for attachment are typically looking for the security contact and protection and securely attached individuals can often turn to their individuals and family members who resent these characteristics Individuals such as young adolescent lack may security and as a result they become more anxious When the parents respond to their children's needs that is when they form the secure attachment The emotionally focused family theory can be done in stages In stage one the therapist can meet with the parents individually then with a child or children individually and then together a family unit Through this model therapist invites each family member to share how they view the presenting problem and how they tried to solve the problem Therapist tries to create a trusting bond with the family and then in stage two he or she focus on the unmet needs of the children any underlying emotions or needs as well as parents response to their children's needs The final stage then focuses on consolidation of the changes and implementing new ways to help create the secure attachment
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