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A need for Pedagogical Community

E-Resources A need of Pedagogical Community By Miss Rachana M Gajbhiye Librarian Sau Rajanitai Nanasaheb Deshmukh Arts Commerce Science College bhadgaon Dist Jalgaon M S 424105 Abstract Information Communication Technology has shuffled the future of library service The electronic library is a stack of huge and various depositories of digital commodity and electronic data which can be collected by a large figure of geographically assigned users This paper is concentrate on the need of pedagogical community digital Library resources advantages challenges and disadvantages Keyword Digital E-resources Pedagogical Online database Introduction Digital library resources are like other library materials in various ways They are preferred collected documented handled related and improved to users evaluated preserved withdrawn and canceled Digital information resources include journals government documents electronic images etc Digital information endure in a format numeric digits that computer can store organize transmit and display without any interceding alteration development 

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