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Introduction Mise en scene consists of all the components of a Scene

Mise en Scene Introduction Mise en scene consists of all the components of a scene within the frame which cohesively depict a story It provides the setting and emotion of the scene It contains all vital pieces needed to complete the scene Part I Mise en scene elements should answer a variety of questions regarding a scene It should address where the audience's eyes will first be attracted and the reason why The scene in M Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender 2010 found at timecode 3 30 presents two main characters siblings Sokka played by Jackson Rathbone and Katara played by Nicola Peltz on the hunt for food The audience's eyes are first attracted to the massive ice and snow cliffs encompassing the scene It provides a reference to the cold icy setting and its dominance over the characters A scene s camera angle is another component of mise en scene Shyamalan uses bird's eye view in the scene with the siblings searching for food The camera is looking directly down on Sokka and Katara as they walk along the icy snowy path The angle offers a spatial viewpoint of the siblings in their environment The distance the camera is from the action or characters also has significance in mise en scene Shyamalan uses deep focus in the scene with the siblings The icy snowy cliffs are at the forefront of the frame while the camera is far above the minuscule characters walking 

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In Ah But the Breezes by Noelle Oxenhandler

In Ah But the Breezes by Noelle Oxenhandler she discusses the word but She defines the word but Outside the word but derives from the Latin ob meaning out 316 She goes on to discuss how but is often used when something we cannot control from the outside comes barging into our lives Throughout the story the author refers to her friend Michel Michel is someone she met while skiing in France Many obstacles come up in their story and the Oxenhandler always find herself saying but When Oxenhandler took Michel s mom s side in an argument about how Michel should quit scaling which led to Michel cutting her off she thinks But this isn t what I wanted 317 It was outside of her own control She did not want Michel to cut her off however there was nothing she could do This situation was out of her own control The word but is used because she could not control how Michel would react when she took his mom s side Oxenhandler gives the word but a negative connotation But is used when someone cannot do anything about a situation or when they are upset about a situation Much like an obstacle that we cannot get over For example in a situation where a mother is preparing a large dinner for her family and she wants it to just be perfect However when she drops all of the food carrying it to the table she thinks But why can I not just have one perfect night She is upset that she dropped her food and thinks that it is the end The but is referring to how her night could have gone perfectly and then it turned into a disaster 

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