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Discuss the problem of love in Wuthering Heights

Discuss the problem of love in Wuthering Heights and how it fits with relevant elements of Victorian literature The individuals in Wuthering Heights were caught up in a rummage of obsessive passionate and domestic affairs uncounted plenty brutal in traits The characters in Wuthering Heights were caught between a love and hate within the Victorian literature Given a sense that empathy of this unusual book is certainly looking great when it comes to undeniable friendship Straight from the beginning it starts about the different hurt and evil some character are willing to show During that time frame love so different from what we call love today Heathcliff was filled with a lot of mix emotions when it came to how he acted toward Catherine Heathcliff was the kind of man who would do anything to get back someone evenly The passionate state of Heathcliff led him to undermine his ability to love the right correct way I mean two wrongs do not make it right but Catherine was not an angel herself 

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