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An effective risk assessment is done by following the Appropriate

Information Assurance Assessment and Evaluation Project Paper Outline Introduction An information security risk assessment will focus on the effectiveness of an entity being accessed Scarfone Souppaya Cody Orebaugh 2008 The thesis statement is An effective risk assessment is done by following the appropriate methods and procedures which entails that organizations need to manage risk effectively to achieve business and strategic objectives and an effective risk assessment is done through technical testing risk management evaluations information assurance governance and the security metrics relating to information systems The information security risk assessment consists of a risk analysis that identifies sources and estimates risk using a risk evaluation A risk evaluation compares the estimated risk against certain criteria to determine its relevance Wangen 2017 Information security risk management aims to protect a company's information which can range from security threats through using effective and cost efficient methods Webb Maynard Ahmad Shanks 2016 The objectives of risk management involve security threats in determining information of risk assessments of security threats according to impact and probability of occurrence determining risk mitigation according to level of preparedness involving information security threats and determining the extent of occurrence and impact of security threats as it relates to preparedness 

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The UN Security Council has the responsibility of maintaining global peace and security

The UN Security Council has the responsibility of maintaining global peace and security as described in the UN Charter. In its formation, the member states had a primary goal of achieving global diplomacy and averting the horrors witnessed in World War II Cannizzaro 192 2006. However, various states and political scholars have criticized the effectiveness of the UNSC in handling global challenges contemporary security issues and International threats. Most scholars point out that the UNSC's Veto power for its permanent members affects its decision making hence undermining its legitimacy as an international organization. This has been a lead to some scholars who argue that the UN Security Council is merely a concert of great powers that have never been representative of the International community. Other critics argue that the Security Council only serves the interest of the Super Power countries while the other around two hundred and seventy member states act as mere signatories Cannizzaro 200 2006. As evidenced in recent occurrences of International threats such as transnational terrorism and illicit arms trade the UNSC has hit a deadlock and is unable to respond to international challenges. As will be outlined below the Security Council's demonstration in solving various global conflicts brings to light the effectiveness and limitations of delegating the responsibility of maintenance of global peace to a small group of powers.

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