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Making Earth is a better place Rapid Advances in Sciences and Technology

Making Earth is a better place Rapid advances in sciences and technology has brought the world to a brink where traditional beliefs are pondered upon and replaced by systematic scientific approach and understanding With these quantum leaps the present day world is still grappling with several issues like population explosion Global organizations like United Nations World Health Organization and major NHOs are striving continuously to restore this balance and make Earth a better place to live This requires a concerted effort from all the social strata and hence necessitates understanding the underlying cause of these problems Today's problems tomorrow s agenda The current water food and energy securities and exerting an unsustainable pressure on the existing resources This demand is expected to rise by 30 50 in the next two decades further lengthening the gap between production and consumption 1 Food crisis around the globe The world population has increased significantly by 63 in the last 5 decades In contrast the land under agriculture has increased by a meagre 9 Though practices like sustainable intensification have been carried out to increased the crop productivity per square unit of land the gap between population and food available continues to increase threatening the world to the brink of increasing the cost on food crops Additionally cotton cultivation for fibres floriculture rapid urbanization and the discovery of first generation biofuels from food crops has further increased the pressure on arable land Poor and low income countries are worst affected by this scenario leading to severe problems of malnutrition and onset of associated diseases 2 Climate change

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