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Life is made up of a thousand memories

Life is made up of a thousand memories and sometimes one defining event can change everything In 1898 President McKinley called for volunteers to fight in the declared war against Spain William Billy Mitchell a junior in college at the age of eighteen enlisted in the 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and began his twenty seven year military career William Mitchell an advocate for air power had a profound impact on military doctrine and structure the hearts and support of the American populace and forever change how air power serves and protects the nation in war and peacetime Colonel COL Mitchell a true visionary of air power could see its real potentials and capabilities however his military career did not begin in aviation In 1898 William enlisted as a private and was later commissioned into the Signal Corps and while stationed in Alaska Billy became interested in aviation In 1905 as an instructor at Fort Leavenworth Kansas Captain Mitchell wrote a field manual on communication for the Army and concluded with a notable prediction Conflicts no doubt will be carried on in the future in the air on the surface of the earth and water and under the earth and water 

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Organizations either private or government

Organizations either private or government such as business educational industrial and service are a collection of people Develop organizations strategies plan how to people collaborate and support organizations to achieve their particular goal WarigonPeople pdf n d In all organization there are various types of task that are operated by different sections and delegate groups There is no department or teamwork can be pursued to achieve the goals of the organization alone It is fundamental vital that the activities of various divisions and team works of the organization are co operating That is secure the wholeness of activity between peoples teams work and divisions This cooperation brings to completion of the various activities and jobs to carry out the organizational goals effectively Coordinating A Management Function ispatguru com n d Organizations to accomplish their goals they must have needs well systematized organizational structure and information flow path between staff in all level from top to bottom Effective management creative a good managing leading and coordinating staff system to fulfill their goals Without accurately managed lead and coordinated people the organization cannot be successful ANASTASIA DOC pdf n d The idea of leading managing and coordinating people and work process in the organization constantly practice into harmonious team works efforts There is no need for leading managing and coordinating when an only single individual is working Coordinating A Management Function ispatguru com n d 

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