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Direct consumer surveys consumer awareness of GMOs

According to literature based on direct consumer surveys consumer awareness of GMOs is low The Food Policy Institute at Rutgers University conducted a survey and concluded that US consumers in general were not informed regarding GMOs More specifically only 48 know that GMOs were available in supermarkets and just 31 believe that they have consumed a GM product Moreover most of participants self rated their knowledge to be inadequate 48 stated that they are almost uninformed about GMOs while 16 felt they knew nothing at all in comparison with 30 sufficiently informed and only5 knowing a lot about GMOs A cross cultural survey investigating consumers in the United States Japan and Italy illustrated that US consumers were more familiar with GMOs in contrast to Italian and Japanese The public seems to trust scientific sources such as university scientists over alternative sources such as farmers environmental organizations government agencies grocery stores and food manufacturers Wunderlich Gatto 2015 Therefore although GM products have been in the food industry for decades and continue to increase in use consumer awareness is not increasing accordingly 

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